Methods of alleviating anxiety

In my previous post, Understanding Anxiety as a Symptom: Not the Problem, I focus on what causes the brain/body reaction to produce anxiety symptoms, such as racing thought, heart pounding, bodily trembling, profuse sweating, and inability to control breathing, just to name a few.  Many people have written to me telling me what has worked for them to alleviate theiranxiety (link is external)symptoms, such as taking specific medicationlaughing, praying, exercising, singing and meditating. I’m not a medical doctor (M.D.) nor am I a prescribing psychologist. I do know that there are prescribed medications and over the counter medications (OTC) that truly work and help with the various symptoms. In my life, especially when I have to get my yearly MRI brain scan, medication has truly helped. With all my training, during this type of event, I prefer medication.