How I Taught Myself to Listen Despite My ADHD

Those of you with attention deficit disorder might not make it to the end of this sentence. I had that problem as a kid, but I found ways to trick my brain into paying attention and listening properly. I'll never be a great listener, but I get by without medication because of three simple things I taught myself how to do. When I was young, I couldn't pay attention in class. I couldn't read books for long because I'd get distracted too easily. I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD, or now more specifically known as ADHD-PI) back when it was a shiny, new problem, but I was never medicated for it and some of my friends were. At the time I worried I had a serious problem, but since nobody helped me I realized I had to figure out a way to help myself. I figured out three ways to actually concentrate and listen to people, while many of my friends gained attention through medicine.