Oren R. Boxer, Ph.D.


A specialized practice in clinical neuropsychology for the evidence-based assessment and treatment of children and adults with neurocognitive deficits that affect academic or occupational performance, as well as social emotional and behavioral functioning.

Dr. Boxer is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist based in Los Angeles. He is a specialist in neuropsychological assessment to evaluate intelligence, learning and recall, attention skills, perception, motor skills, processing speed, problem solving, and coping skills and styles. Dr. Boxer’s practice utilizes an “evidence-based” assessment and treatment approach that employs the best scientific evidence to facilitate recommendations for patient care. This scientifically-based neuropsychological approach provides each client with a customized comprehensive evaluation grounded in research with the goal of uncovering neurocognitive challenges associated with school, work or social environments, as well as empirically supported treatment options.  


Dr. Boxer is available as a consultant and as a speaker. He is the author of several publications and leads ongoing research studies in the field of neuropsychology. He has presented at numerous schools, universities, international symposia, support group meetings, and national conferences in neuropsychology. He has served as an expert witness in California.

Dr. Boxer is currently in private practice in two locations in the Greater Los Angeles area. Appointments can be made at his West Los Angeles or Pasadena offices. For additional information regarding services and scheduling, please call (626) 765-4482 or email